Nail Growth + Shape

Hello again! Today’s post is a bit different as it has been a working process over four weeks. It’s almost like a diary entry because I updated each week. And here is the final product: how I grew my nails into almond/stiletto nails. I have been shaping my nails the same boring square shape for ages now […]

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Washed up Mermaid • Hair

Hello, I’ve had to redo this post because for some odd reason it didn’t post! I scheduled it to post today at 12 but when I checked on the wordpress app on my phone it went back to the draft which just had the pictures. Anyway let’s get onto the blogpost and pretend it’s a […]

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December/ January Haul

Welcome back to my blog! Firstly I would like to apologise with the lack of posts.. My last post was at the beginning of December and basically I have been really busy with work and I got the flu. BUT! I’m back and should be posting regularly each weekend! Anyway, onto the post, here is […]

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Polaroid Wall • DIY

Hello again! I’ve created a new category.. hooray! Within this category I will be posting DIY Projects from room decor to food recipes. Don’t forget you can follow my blog via email which will notify you when I upload a new post! You can do this by clicking the menu button on the top right and […]

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