My Hair Journey: Dark Brown to Blonde

This is the story of how I got my blonde hair! After I had long ombré hair and then decided to dip dye it blue in the summer of 2011 (it actually turned green/teal) I cut it off and started fresh with my natural hair colour. I kept it dark brown for a long time and then subtly added a light brown ombré.


Then, March this year I did another ombré at home with the Schwarzkopf LIVE COLOR XXL in ’00A Absolute Platinum’ which I literally swear by. I use it every time I dye my hair because it is fab at dying your hair quickly without having to go through the long bleaching stages. Especially with Asian hair and red tinted hair because it’s a pain to dye lighter without facing the brassy orange tones. But with this product it reduces it, not completely but enough so you don’t have to constantly dye your hair in a short period of time.

10293544_799293520088336_106397597326786993_oI then became obsessed with toning my hair and really getting rid of that orange / yellow tint and getting a cool tone blonde. I found out about the Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Shampoo which sadly became my new favourite thing. Although it stains your hands purple and does smell a bit like play-dough, it really works and gives you a nice cool toned colour. I did occasionally find purple strands of hair because they were so white before which was a nice surprise, ahaha. Here is a picture from my prom with my non-orange hair.

IMG_1199My ombré was very low at this point and I decided to leave it for holiday because I knew that the chlorine would ruin my freshly bleached hair. This is a picture from our holiday in the Philippines and you can see that the colour is fading away.


I wanted to dye my hair blonde for a very long time and eventually did it when we got back from the Philippines. This was the first process of getting it all blonde, using the same Schwarzkopf at home kit. Essentially, I just made it a high ombré because I didn’t think I would suit blonde roots and plus I like the contrast of dark roots with the light hair. I actually wanted to dye my hair silver but stopped at the blonde because I preferred it.



The colour wasn’t high enough so I decided to dye it again, which also helped with getting rid of the brassy tones but left the bottoms of my hair really white because they have been bleached the most!

IMG_2809And this is how my hair is now! I did tone my hair with usual blonde hair dyes in between to tone it but I learnt that the Schwarzkopf with the Fudge shampoo were the only products that were actually working to get my desired colour.

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