My Current Nail Care Routine • Nail Art

NAIL ART! I’m starting the first post of this series with a little tutorial of my nail care routine.

Keep on reading to find out how I got these clean, healthy looking nails.


These nails are perfect for any occasion and it is super quick and easy! The “real” French manicure is actually without a white tip, all you need is a sheer pink nail polish. I recommend using a whitening nail polish underneath to prevent the yellow stains showing through (which I haven’t done because I’m in the search for a fab one!)

So here are the products that I use every time I do my nails!


I use the Orly Bonder which is a rubberised base coat and does a great job at creating a base that your colour will adhere to and further prevent from chipping. It also dries really fast so by the time you have coated all your nails you are ready to start painting your first coat of colour.

These Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes from Sally Hansen are my current favourites! The formula and the large brush makes it super easy and quick to apply, I have bought many shades now and they are all amazing. I actually find them all over my house because everyone’s trying to steal them away from me! The nail polish I used in this mani is called “Shell We Dance” and it’s the perfect barely there nail polish.

Another Sally Hansen product, as you can tell I’m obsessed, and this was a nice surprise when I first tried it! I used the diamond base and top coat before and really enjoyed it and used it all up. I went away from Sally Hansen top coats for a while and then thought I would pick up the Diamond Flash Top Coat which quickly became one of my favourites! (I think it beats the Essie good to go top coat ) Anyway, I was surprised because I didn’t realize it was fast drying and Imma tell you: it dries SO FAST!

The Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil is another recent purchase and does a really good job at keeping my nails looking healthy and those nasty looking cuticles hidden.

Thank you so much for reading!
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