October Favourites 2014

Hello again! So I have figured out a schedule! I will be publishing blog posts twice a week on the weekend, yay! Today is Friday 31st October, HAPPY HALLOWEEN and let’s review October by sharing my favourite things of the month.

Both of the following pieces are from TK Maxx and they were very much needed for college! I love TK Maxx because they  always have something new in the store everyday and you can always find a good bargain.
IMG_3509.JPGThe bag comes with a smaller bag because the inside doesn’t have pockets which is a bit annoying as it’s so bulky and I carry so much to college. It’s still really big and I love how it’s black which means I can wear it everyday with anything.
IMG_3513.JPGI wanted some plain black boots for the longest time and finally found these and knew I had to get them. As you can see I constantly wear them as they are already looking scruffy. I’m pretty sure I wore them everyday of October because they go so well with my wardrobe. In this week’s lookbook (which will be posted tomorrow) I wear them in almost every single outfit.

IMG_3502.JPGThis month I gave my skin a break from face makeup and kept my makeup very simple. I usually wore a bit of concealer over spots, mascara and lip gloss.
IMG_3511.JPGThe mascara I used is from Hong Kong and it does a fab job at giving your lashes a lot of length. It coats every single lash and is super easy to apply on bottom lashes. I usually use this as my “base coat” and then use a mascara on top for thicker looking lashes. But this mascara is very build able without creating clumps. The wand is curved so it fits the eye perfectly to ensure you get every lash coated.
IMG_3510.JPGI have bleached and dyed my hair numerous of times now and the ends can look very dry but with this coconut oil it really makes them look healthy and silky. Also, it smells amazing and I always find myself applying a bit more so my hair can smell fresh all day long. Normally, I apply this when my hair is wet and when it is about 80% dry.
IMG_3512.JPGI have already mentioned this product in my Nail Care Routine Blogpost (which is linked, please check it out!) and it has officially become my new favourite Top Coat. It dries really fast and keeps your nails from chipping for longer than 6 days.

IMG_3503.JPGThis month I have been getting back into social medias and these are my two current favourite apps that I find myself using all the time.
IMG_3516.JPGFirstly, Pinterest! If you don’t know what Pinterest is: you are missing out, it’s great for inspiration but very addictive. A recent update includes ‘related pins’ which means when you’re looking at a pin you can scroll down and there is more to pin. I use my pinterest for various things, from Beauty to DIY to Recipes. It’s also helpful with inspiration for Art and Graphics which helps me with college work. So atleast I’m doing some work. Follow me here!

IMG_3514.PNGAfterlight has been my favourite app for editing pictures for the longest time! There are so many features and it’s easy to use. You can now create ‘fusions’ which allows you to create your own filter. It’s super handy for blog posts because you can apply the same adjustments for each picture.


 I have been attending Sixth Form College for two months now which is crazy! I’m really enjoying it but it’s very true when people say you get a lot of work. In October, I saw Matilda, The Musical in London with my theatre school and WOW! It was truly A M A Z I N G! If you ever get the opportunity to see it, GO! The music was incredible, the set was beautiful and it’s great for all ages.
Yesterday, me and my friends filmed for our YouTube: PardyOfThree We are an a capella group and you should check us out and Subscribe.

Thank you so much for reading!
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