My Top Mascaras


Hello, welcome back to my blog! I noticed I was using many different mascaras recently and thought I would create a post about my favourites.


Soap & Glory : Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara – £10 (Link here)
This mascara is fab at giving you thick looking lashes and I always find I don’t need to line my tight line. The brush is very large which comes with pros and cons. The pros being it’s super quick to apply and coats almost every lash, the cons being it’s very difficult to apply on bottom lashes without stabbing yourself in the eye. The application is very smooth and does not clump, it’s very buildable so you can create that false eyelashes look. I usually pair this mascara with a lengthening mascara to make them stand out even more.

IMG_3753IMG_3746IMG_3754Rimmel London: Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara – £6.99 (Link here)
This mascara is great for everything, it’s like your standard mascara. I think I have been reaching for this one a lot recently because of the amazingly shaped brush. My lashes are long and the lashes closest to the tear duct are very stubborn and don’t like to stay curled. With this wand it helps catch every lash and coat them evenly. Again, no signs of clumps but quite difficult to apply to your bottom lashes.

TONY MOLY: Cats Wink Mascara (Link here)
This one was my favourite for a long time and unfortunately it dried out. (I kept it because the packaging is too cute) I bought it from Hong Kong and I need to repurchase it! I actually bought this product because of the packaging without realising that it was an amazing curling mascara. The wand is very thin and slightly curved so you can coat every single lash with one swipe. I found with this mascara I didn’t need an eyelash curler because the formula curled your lashes for you.


Collection: Supersize Fat Lash Mascara – £2.99 (Link here)
I find myself using this mascara on days where I want to wear minimal makeup as it is a brown mascara. I usually wear it with a bit of brown eyeliner or a shimmery brown eyeshadow stick blended all over the lid. Although it says ‘Fat Lash’ I think it is better at lengthening than thickening. The brush is average and can get clumpy after a few coats.

IMG_3759IMG_3749IMG_3760La Rose De Versailles Mascara (Link here)
The last mascara is another one from Hong Kong which I picked up this year and annoyingly it is my favourite. It came with a liquid eyeliner which is okay but doesn’t apply easily. However, the mascara is on point. As you can tell, my favourite type of mascaras are lengthening ones because I feel like they hold the curl much better and don’t weigh my lashes down during the day. The curved brush helps curl and coat all the lashes, the formula is quite thin which I prefer because it doesn’t give you clumps. Also, this brush is the best for bottom lashes!


I always use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to ensure I coat every lash. This eyeko London one is great because it does not have the holes in the handle part, I much prefer this design because it allows you to add more pressure and really curl them lashes!

If your eyelashes are long, like mine, I recommend applying your mascara slowly and blinking whilst coating them as it will help them stay curled all day.

Thank you so much for reading!
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