Polaroid Wall • DIY

Hello again! I’ve created a new category.. hooray! Within this category I will be posting DIY Projects from room decor to food recipes. Don’t forget you can follow my blog via email which will notify you when I upload a new post! You can do this by clicking the menu button on the top right and entering your email address. Anyway, onto the super easy DIY!

I printed these polaroids quite a long time ago now and before I just had them stuck to my wall with blue-tac. I decided to jazz it up a bit more by hanging them on these LED lights because the fairy lights I used to have did not have many bulbs and I was getting sick of them.

I purchased these white LED lights from TESCO which are indoor and outdoor, I chose to buy LED over fairy lights because they do not heat up which means less fire hazard! Yay.

I also bought clear Command Damage-Free Hanging Strips because before when I used hooks to hang my previous lights it created ugly holes in my wall. 😦 These are great because they are really easy to remove and re position, plus from far away you can’t even see them!

I then randomly hung my polaroids on the lights with washi tape! I can’t believe I’m already running out of room as I have more polaroids to hang up!


At the moment I don’t have a polaroid camera (I do have my eyes on the Polaroid Digital Instant Print Camera which looks amazing because you can edit your pic before you print! *coughs* Santa?) and I printed these via my iPhone using the app: Polamatic. It allows you to upload pictures from your phone and put a filter on it to make it have that vintage look! IMG_4012IMG_4013


Thank you so much for reading! Yay for 10th post.
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2 thoughts on “Polaroid Wall • DIY

  1. What a fabulous idea! I love the way (x’s 1000) this project came out: great way to display polaorids for sure. I’m excited for your future projects!! xo-Dani 🙂


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