December/ January Haul

Welcome back to my blog! Firstly I would like to apologise with the lack of posts.. My last post was at the beginning of December and basically I have been really busy with work and I got the flu. BUT! I’m back and should be posting regularly each weekend! Anyway, onto the post, here is a haul from all the things I collected after Christmas.

IMG_4440 IMG_4441

MoYou-London Nail Art Image Plate Suki Collection – 07
I’ve wanted to purchase nail stamping tools for ages and finally got some on Amazon (Link here) I decided to buy one of these larger stamping plates firstly because they look cool and you can get so many designs out of one plate! It was hard choosing which one because there are so many and I’m definitely going to buy some more! I also need to try some stamping polishes because using regular polish isn’t working too great for me but hopefully I’ll do a nail art look soon so I’ll keep you updated! If you’d like to see a nail look I’ve done using this plate please checkout my insta! (Link is at the bottom of this post)


Nail Art Stamp and Scraper  (Link here)


Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (Link here)
This is another product I have been wanting to try, I haven’t seen the best result from it yet which is disappointing due to all the great reviews it has. Although it does dry fast, I have experienced chipped nails but that may be because my nails are breaking and are very dry at the moment.

IMG_4444 IMG_4445

Lush – The Comforter Bubble Bar (Link here)
This smells amazing! If you ever go into a Lush store, please smell it because when I did, I immediately purchased it!


L’oréal True Match Liquid Foundation (Link here)
Here’s another product I purchased due to recommendations and my goodness does it live up to the highly rated reviews. It feels so light on the skin but gives great everyday, natural coverage. I find myself reaching for this when I want an even base that is super quick and easy to apply.

IMG_4449 IMG_4448

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder (Link here)
Another great recommendation and I’m really happy with this product! It’s such an easy bronzer to wear everyday.


Blush Brush by H&M
I use this with the bronzer and together they make the perfect pair to apply a warm glow to your cheeks!

Vaseline Hand Cream (Link here)

IMG_4438 IMG_4439

Cards Against Humanity (Link here) a.k.a the funniest party game!
If you don’t know what this game is please check it out, because it is hilarious!

642 Fashion Things To Draw (Sketchbook) (Link here)
I already have the 642 Thing To Draw Sketchbook and the 642 Things To Write About Journal so naturally when I saw this in Urban Outfitters on sale I had to get it and add to my collection.

I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry again for my absence! 2015 will be a lot better hopefully… ahaha

Thank you so much for reading!
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