Washed up Mermaid • Hair

Hello, I’ve had to redo this post because for some odd reason it didn’t post! I scheduled it to post today at 12 but when I checked on the wordpress app on my phone it went back to the draft which just had the pictures. Anyway let’s get onto the blogpost and pretend it’s a complete new thing. So here’s a fairly short post about my new hair.

First day: I decided to hue my hair because I had one of those evenings where I couldn’t stop looking at hair inspirations and I just felt like experimenting with colour. I knew that with these Bleach London hair dyes you can achieve a slight tint in your hair which only lasts a few washes so I went for it. Firstly, I used my Fudge Violet Toning Shampoo (Review Blog Post link here) and left it on my hair for 5-10 minutes. I’ve dyed my hair blue before and I knew that my hair would go green. But this time I was going for the teal/ green colour because I like mermaids, ahahah. Seriously tho, I wanted the mermaid vibes 🙂 Anyway, I used the purple shampoo so that I could get my hair bright and less brassy ready for the colour. After rinsing I applied ordinary conditioner, lightly rinsed it and then applied my colour. Warning: Your hands will go blue! As I was applying it I could see streaks of colour already which was fab. I then wrapped it up in a towel and let it do it’s thing for 25 minutes.
IMG_4754This is how it looked after washing out the dye! I liked it but it wasn’t vibrant enough so I decided I was going to do it again in a day or two.
IMG_4768Here’s the cute little bottle. I actually have two but I only used up one! I’ll save this for when I want to be a mermaid again, ahah. (Link here)
IMG_4759This is the cheeky instagram picture I posted and as you can see I edited it to firstly match my instagram theme but secondly to make it look more minty and vibrant. I also used Bleach London’s app to add the stickers, I was so happy to see that they had a ‘Washed up Mermaid’ sticker. I like to think I’m cool.IMG_4807Later, I took a picture with flash and was really surprised with the colour. At the moment, my hair just looks different in different lights.IMG_4828Second day: Second attempt, I repeated the exact same method as last time, although I added more product this time and here’s the results. More hair is coated with colour and it is more vibrant. The picture above is with flash.IMG_4855Without flash and front camera. IMG_4872Final result! This was a fun experiment and I’m kind of glad that it is non-permanent because I’m not really sure what colour I want at the moment. If I ever go really light again, I’m going to purchase more Bleach London dyes because they have a great colour selection, they don’t last long and they don’t make your hair feel dry.

After finding out you can’t use emojis in Blog Posts, (I know, sad face) (picture an emoji sad face) maybe I could try out those kawaii faces because I prefer it when there’s a little emotion and you can tell what type of tone I’m going for. Ahaha, I hope someone will agree with me. ≧◡≦

Thank you so much for reading!
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