Nail Growth + Shape

Hello again! Today’s post is a bit different as it has been a working process over four weeks. It’s almost like a diary entry because I updated each week. And here is the final product: how I grew my nails into almond/stiletto nails. IMG_4639I have been shaping my nails the same boring square shape for ages now because it was easy and I didn’t take a long time to maintain. So, I decided to switch it up and I’m going to aim for stiletto nails. I don’t want tot go too crazy and pointy but just a nice almond shape. My nails used to be really strong and for some reason they aren’t anymore so I’m also in the hunt for a great nail strengthener. I’ve shaped my nails like this before and they broke really easily, I’m hoping it was just the file I was using back then or my nails were weaker.

For the first week, I just filed them into an oval shape so when they grow I can file them even more and hopefully result with the stiletto shape. I believe that this shape will prevent them from chipping as my nails tend to break at the sides and with that already filed away I should be good. I must remember to keep filing them and take care of them. Here’s to healthy nails! \( ̄▽ ̄ )/-10th FebIMG_4631 IMG_4632 IMG_4758Nails are still going strong, I haven’t seen much nails growth yet but usually my nails take 2 weeks to get long. I dyed my hair without gloves so now I have a lovely blue/ purple tint, ahah. I think I’m going to stay clear from glitter polish for a while because when removing it, I can see that my nails are peeling. (Yeah that didn’t work because the next week I use glitter, ahah) Filing them regularly (3-4 times a week) prevents nails breaking so far. -17th FebIMG_5071Nails are growing! I think you can really see the nail growth this week. But I haven’t filed/ shaped them  enough this time so they’re looking a little too oval. I think another week and I’ll reach my desired length! -25th FebIMG_5124Yay! I finally reached the length I wanted! This time I shaped them more stiletto and to be honest without nail polish it looks quite scary. (@_@) For some reason my middle finger nail is wider and takes longer to grow which is quite frustrating and as you can see my left middle fingernail broke after one day. o(╥﹏╥)o But don’t worry I’m about to try out the teabag method to “fix” the nail. I will report back once I’ve finished. I think the reason why my nails broke was because I’m not used to “pointy” nails and they do feel more weak/ vulnerable. I think I’ll stop growing them now and keep them at week 3/4 length. Also I believe I’ll shape them more oval/ almond instead of almond/ stiletto because the pointy nails are not as practical as I thought. Plus the oval shape looks more natural and feminine.(✿˘◡˘✿) -2nd Mar

IMG_5139It worked! Well it’s worked so far.. (The teabag fixing nails thing) So usually you use nail glue but I didn’t have any therefore I used my seche vite top coat which worked perfectly fine. I applied the top coat to the section of the nails which had split and then place a piece of the tea bag on top. I then applied another layer of topcoat to really attach the tea bag to my nail, I also applied a little underneath my nails because the broken bit was at the tip. After it dried I filed the bumps down, making sure I didn’t file the whole thing off. That’s when I decided to re-file my nails to a rounder shape  to prevent anymore breaking nails. I then painted my nails as usual (I even capped the nail polish at the tip… oh how fancy) and there you go! I really like how they turned out and I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep my nails like this now because it’s something different and I can experiment with more nail art looks. ❁~,~

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